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IBM Quantum Learning

Learn the basics of quantum computing, and how to use IBM Quantum services and systems to solve real-world problems.


Learn about key concepts, algorithms, and their applications

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Basics of quantum information

A detailed course covering mathematical aspects of quantum computing, comparable to an advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate level course.

Variational algorithm design

Today's hardware is delicate and error-prone. This course covers variational algorithms, which play to the strengths of these machines.

Practical introduction to quantum-safe cryptography

An introduction to quantum-safe cryptography, and how quantum computing poses a risk to existing cryptography.


Explore utility-grade algorithms and applications with Qiskit Runtime

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Demonstrate the violation of the CHSH inequality with the Estimator primitive
Variational Quantum Eigensolver using Estimator primitive and sessions
Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm using Qiskit Runtime primitives and sessions
Grover's algorithm using the Sampler primitive
Working with the Qiskit Runtime Sampler primitive
Error suppression and error mitigation with Qiskit Runtime


Start experimenting in one of our quantum programming environments

The interface of the quantum composer
Quantum Composer
Build, simulate, and run quantum circuits with a drag-and-drop interface
The interface of the quantum lab
Quantum Lab
Develop quantum programs in a custom JupyterLab environment


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