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Basics of quantum information

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1. Single systems2. Multiple systems3. Quantum circuits4. Entanglement in action

Fundamentals of quantum algorithms

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1. Quantum query algorithms2. Quantum algorithmic foundations3. Phase-estimation and factoring4. Grover's algorithm

Practical introduction to quantum-safe cryptography

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1. Introduction to this course2. Cryptographic hash functions3. Symmetric key cryptography4. Asymmetric key cryptography5. Quantum-safe cryptography6. What's next?7. Works cited

Variational algorithm design

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1. Variational Algorithms2. Reference States3. Ansatze and Variational Forms4. Cost Functions5. Optimization Loops6. Instances and Extensions7. Examples and Applications


Demonstrate the violation of the CHSH inequality with the Estimator primitive Variational Quantum Eigensolver using Estimator primitive and sessions Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm using Qiskit Runtime primitives and sessions Grover's algorithm using the Sampler primitive Error suppression and error mitigation with Qiskit Runtime Submitting user-transpiled circuits using primitives Working with the Qiskit Runtime Sampler primitive Working with the Qiskit Runtime Estimator primitive Quantum teleportation Iterative Phase Estimation Bit-flip repetition code Repeat until success Composer User Guide